[kde-linux] KDE 4. Trying to get it working like I need it to.

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 23:59:44 UTC 2009

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Monday, 2009-11-09, Dale wrote:
>> Kevin Krammer wrote:
>>> On Monday, 2009-11-09, Dale wrote:
>>>> Kevin Krammer wrote:
>>>>> On Monday, 2009-11-09, Dale wrote:
>>>>>> Problem one, I used to use Konqueror as root to edit config files and
>>>>>> such.  I have to be root to do this.  I set Dolphin up to run as root
>>>>>> and it comes up fine.  I even like the look so far.  The last time I
>>>>>> tried this it wouldn't even open a folder, directory or whatever you
>>>>>> want to call it.  It does after this latest update today.  I assume
>>>>>> that got fixed.  However, if I got to a directory like /etc ,which is
>>>>>> owned by root, and try to open a text file, I get a error.  It won't
>>>>>> let me copy and paste so it is a screen shot.  It basically complains
>>>>>> about Klauncher and dbus.  Screen shot is attached as screenshot1.
>>>>> When you run Dolphin as root (not sure if there is a better method now,
>>>>> don't follow that policy kit stuff closely enough), how do you start
>>>>> it? From a user session using some run-as option or by getting a root
>>>>> shell and running it from there?
>>>> I set it up sort of like in the old KDE.  I edited the menu so that it
>>>> would run as root when I click on Dolphin in the menu.  Basically, when
>>>> I click on Dolphin in the K menu, it pops up a box and asks for the root
>>>> password then opens up.  That part is just like in the old KDE.  I can
>>>> access my root directory so it is running as root.  It just won't open
>>>> anything.  I should have tried a picture and a pdf or something too but
>>>> I didn't think about it at the time.  I do have dbus running tho.  I
>>>> checked that just to make sure.
>>> I'll have to try that, but I think this should work.
>>> Can you try a different approach, e.g. ALT-F2 then "Dolphin" then
>>> clicking on the wrench icon on the right hand side of the "execute
>>> dolphin" entry?
>> OK.  I tried that and it is in another reply.  It didn't work to well.  :-(
>>> Or when you have started Dolphin your way, whether other processes are
>>> running as root, e.g. klauncher?
>> Here is what it claims is running:
>> root at smoker ~ # ps aux | grep klauncher
>> dale      3397  0.0  0.9  64576 20144 ?        S    06:49   0:00
>> kdeinit4: klauncher [kdeinit] --fd=8
>> dale      4626  0.0  0.9  64592 19356 ?        S    07:13   0:00
>> kdeinit4: kio_file [kdeinit] file
>> local:/tmp/ksocket-dale/klauncherMT3397.slave-socket
>> local:/tmp/ksocket-dale/konquerorbh4622.slave-socket
>> dale      4801  0.0  0.9  64840 19852 ?        S    07:21   0:00
>> kdeinit4: kio_trash [kdeinit] trash
>> local:/tmp/ksocket-dale/klauncherMT3397.slave-socket
>> local:/tmp/ksocket-dale/krunnercS4788.slave-socket
>> root      4878  0.0  0.0   1884   516 pts/4    R+   07:22   0:00 grep
>> --colour=auto klauncher
>> root at smoker ~ #
> Hmm. No klauncher as root.
> Since klauncher would be used to start any editor, any editor would then be 
> running as user dale again.
> You wrote in your reply to Andreev Sergei that it works with Konqueror.
> Is that Konqueror from KDE4?

I'm thinking it is from KDE 3 by the way it looks.  I need to see if I
can run the KDE 4 version, if there is one, and see what it looks like. 

>>>>>> MySQL server executable not tested.
>>>>>> Details: The current configuration does not require an internal MySQL
>>>>>> server.
>>>>> Just to make sure this is intentional: you are running a system wide
>>>>> MySQL daemon and want it to be used for Akonadi's database, correct?
>>>> I don't use MySQL myself.  It was pulled in as a dependency of other
>>>> stuff.
>>> But the configuration says it has been configured for not using an
>>> internal server (StartServer=false in first test).
>>> This is not the shipped default. Either Gentoo changed that or you did.
>>> Same for name, user and password. Only needed for using a system wide
>>> MySQL server.
>> I guess it is Gentoo.  I haven't touched anything related to SQL.  Some
>> package had to have it so I let it install it.  Could it work without it?
> Very unusual, definitely not the default setup as shipped by Akonadi or KDE.
> Maybe you can verify that with Gentoo as well.
> In the mean time, once you've got that library version problem fixed, you can 
> try to switch back to the upstream default of starting an internal server.
> My SQL section of Akonadi config ( $HOME/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc) 
> looks like this:
> Name=akonadi
> User=
> Password=
> Options="UNIX_SOCKET=/home/kevin/.local/share/akonadi/db_misc/mysql.socket"
> ServerPath=/usr/sbin/mysqld
> StartServer=true
> The last line makes it start its own, local, instance of MySQL, no system wide 
> setup required.
> Cheers,
> Kevin

While I was searching around for the error I keep getting, I found
someone that said they had to comment out a line in that config file. 
So I went to diggin, I don't even have that file.  The WHOLE directory
is empty.  No files at all.  This could be the issue.  No config, no worky.

I assume that file is owned by your user and the group is user?  For me
it would be dale:users I guess.


:-)  :-) 

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