[kde-linux] How to start kstartupconfig ?

Bogus Zaba bogsub at bogzab.plus.com
Mon Mar 9 21:58:01 UTC 2009

Larry Alkoff wrote:
> I run 2 SATA drives in KDE under Kubuntu Hardy Heron.
> The second one is called 'clone' and is gets an rsync backup
> as a chron job each night.  The entire /home partition is included
> plus selected other directories.
> If I shut down and disconnect the SATA cable to the first drive,
> when the clone drive starts up I am eventually lead to the error message
> "Could not start kstartupconfig.  Check your installation."
> I have read several threads about this on the internet but nothing I 
> have tried has yet worked.  I suspect that the rsync is overwriting some 
> special info, possibly in ~/.kde.
> I just noticed that when I setup 2 identical computers for my wife,
> the clone computer came right up indicating that rsync is doing 
> something.  I could put in an rsync exception once whatever it is gets 
> fixed.
> How could I fix this so the clone drive will come up?
> Larry Alkoff
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May note be very helpful, but I had the same message when experimenting 
with the nvidia X driver (as supplied by nvidia). With my new distro 
(Slackware 12.2) KDE would never start properly when I had this driver 
set up. Instead I would get the message you quote. In the end I just 
went back to the nv driver supplied with X11 so I never resolved the 
problem. Sounds quite unrelated to the circumstances of your problem, 
but the error seems to be the same. Some config somewhere is being 
overwritten in both circumstances I guess.

Bogus Zaba

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