[kde-linux] system-config-printer

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Wed Mar 4 18:46:57 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 March 2009 20:59:14 James Richard Tyrer wrote:

>> Perhaps this is because you haven't looked.  :-)   Do you have an inkjet
>> > printer?  If so, I suggest that you please look.  This doesn't apply to
>> > a laser printer since they usually print at only one resolution although
>> > some have quality settings.
> Look for what?  I have a wirelessly-connected injet multi-function printer.  
> It gives me no problems.  When I find a problem I'll spend time trying to 
> solve it.  Until then, it just works.

Most inkjet printers have multiple printing modes (different resolutions 
and text vs. photo mode).  Does yours?  If so, how do you set them?


>> To say that there are no issues with KDE-4 printing because it is 
>> possible (but not easy) to print (using CUPS) makes little sense to
>>  me.
> James, you refuse to accept that the rest of the world can print - 
> almost everyone without problems.

Hmmmm?  Didn't you read what I wrote?

Is it possible to print? yes.

Is the usability good? NO!

That seems to be very clear and very simple point.

> I will not waste any more time on this thread.

That is OK with me.  Just stop posting to it. :-)

However, I, and many users, would like to see improvements in the 
usability of printing in KDE-4.  I do not see such improvements as a 
waste of time.


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