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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Mar 2 23:29:22 UTC 2009

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> david wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>> On Saturday 28 February 2009 20:28:20 david wrote:
>>>>> At that time a lot of people complained that they could print from
>>>>> everything except OO.  It didn't user either kprinter or CUPS, of course.
>>>>>  You had to 'install' the printer (and additional fonts) by using a
>>>>> dotfile from somewhere.  I can't remember the details.  It reminded me of
>>>>> the DOS days, when every app had to have its printer install done.
>>>> Hmm, I might once have had to do that long ago - like 6-7 years ago, but
>>>> that was several distros ago and haven't had to do that for either the
>>>> laser or the photo printer.
>>> I don't think it's anything like as long ago as that, but then time does get 
>>> distorted.  By the look of it, though, you are quite right.  It has changed a 
>>> lot.  I just pulled up a document and asked it to print, and it did find my 
>>> printer straight away.  That's a really big improvement.
>> I think the printing distinction between OO and CUPS/Linux went away 
>> with OO 1.x sometime. Or even with when OpenOffice came out of earlier 
>> versions of StarOffice. StarOffice was the one that wanted to provide 
>> its users with a platform-neutral desktop experience, so it tried its 
>> best to replace your usual desktop ...
> I am starting to wonder: does anyone here actually use OO?  If not, what 
> do you use for a wordprocessor? :-)  Actually, I prefer WordPerfect, but 
> the UNIX version for X (8.1) has issues with the current GLibc and it 
> won't print (yes, it won't print :-( and that was why I had to use LPR). 
>   OO has a usable wordprocessor that generates nice output, but as far 
> as ease of use, it is no WordPerfect.

I know a number of people who use OO as their wordprocessor, including 
some schools out here. I do, too. I agree, it's not WordPerfect, but the 
Linux version of WP was never WP in my opinion (and I used WP from v4.2 
up through v9). I even have a copy of Corel WordPerfect for Linux around 
here, and long ago concluded it wasn't worth the hassle of making it run 
on modern Linux distros. In my experience with WP, OO handles files with 
large graphic images much better than WP ever did.

I doubt that many people using OO are coming from the fading WP 
universe. The hardcore WP users are still using WP under Windows. Most 
other WP users switched to Word when their employers did. I bet most are 
coming from the MS Word universe.

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