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Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 4 07:12:41 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 03 March 2009 20:59:14 James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> > I've not found anything that I wanted to do in printing that I can't
> >  do.
> Perhaps this is because you haven't looked. :-)  Do you have an inkjet
> printer?  If so, I suggest that you please look.  This doesn't apply to
> a laser printer since they usually print at only one resolution although
> some have quality settings.

Look for what?  I have a wirelessly-connected injet multi-function printer.  
It gives me no problems.  When I find a problem I'll spend time trying to 
solve it.  Until then, it just works.
> > This thread is getting nowhere,
> Perhaps due to your lack of technical knowledge?
That I've never denied.


> > IMO.
> I see a very basic problem in your humble opinion which does not seem to
> permit actual (so called constructive) criticism.  It appears to me that
> you can not resolve the idea that KDE rocks with the idea that it can be
> improved. 

And I see that as an unwarranted personal comment.

> I see no contradiction there (things can always be improved),
> but the typical KDE fan seems to think that there is one -- that saying
> that something can be improved is the same as saying that there is
> something wrong with it and you never say that there is something wrong
> with KDE because that is "negative".  Try to see it my way that
> something which is good can still be made better and after it is made
> better, it can still be improved.  However, in the case of KDE-4
> printing, it is not good when compared to KDE-3 and needs considerable
> work to reach what I consider a basic level of usability.  To say that
> there are no issues with KDE-4 printing because it is possible (but not
> easy) to print (using CUPS) makes little sense to me.

James, you refuse to accept that the rest of the world can print - almost 
everyone without problems.  I will not waste any more time on this thread.

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