[kde-linux] Deleting the Selection

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 10 10:36:32 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 08 July 2009 23:08:14 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> Please take a moment and try these simple steps:
>  1. Start konsole
>  2. Start konqueror
>  3. Navigate to anywhere.
>  4. Double-click the address bar to select all the text there.
>  5. Click on the konsole window.
>  6. Click on the konqueror window.
> WTF! The address fscking disappeared!
Huh?  No problem here.

> Is this configurable?  It is really irking me.  Can others confirm?
> I paste from the selection all the time, and having it disappear due to
> focus changing is starting to wear on me.  Per paste, it only add one click
> to the action -- over a 8 hour work day it adds hundreds of clicks to my
> workflow.
> I've also seen similar bugs:
> A. (Must be a KMail user)
>    1. Start kmail or kontact.  (If using kontact, switch to the Mail
> component.)
>    2. Choose "Settings" -> "Configure KMail..." from the Menu Bar.
>    3. Click on any identity.
>    4. Prepare your eyes, you must watch the next dialog quickly.
>    5. Click "Modify..."
> OMGWTF! It auto-selected and deleted my "Full Name".
Here it auto-selects my full name, but certainly doesn't delete it.

> B. 1. Start konqueror.
>    2. Navigate to a page with at least one image.
>    3. Right-click an image.
>    4. Get ready to look fast again.
>    5. Choose "Save Image As..." from the pop-up menu.
There is no such option in the right-click menu in my konqueror.  Did you 
really mean in konqueror?

> OMG.WTF.BBQ! It auto-selected the part of the filename before the extension
> and deleted it!
> I don't know if this is a Qt bug or a KDE bug but it is fscking annoying.
> Again, can anyone confirm?  Perhaps this is fixed in 4.3; I'm still using
> 4.2.x on both openSUSE and Debian.

I've never seen any of these issues in either Mandriva or Fedora, and I've 
been using KDE4 since 4.0, so it's obviously not a regular bug.  Sorry it 
doesn't help you much, though.

The only thing that I can think of is to wonder whether the keyboard auto-
repeat speed is causing your problems.  I do recall that in one version, some 
time back, I had to slow down the keyboard repeat start quite considerably as 
it was causing some weird issues.

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