[kde-linux] In KDE4, to set a different background for each of the multiple desktops

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. bss at iguanasuicide.net
Thu Dec 24 16:22:12 UTC 2009

In <200912241736.45687.stan.goodman at hashkedim.com>, Stan Goodman wrote:
>At 13:37:32 on Thursday Thursday 24 December 2009, "Gaffer."
><derrick_s at tesco.net> wrote:
>> Which is why KDE with "4" has lost its way !
>> All due respect to the developers and their vision,  but going down the
>> road they have has not helped endearment of KDE 4.   I see parallels
>> with the "Digital TV"  debacle.  Analog is going to be switched off
>> whether you like it or not !
>Digital TV is not a good analogy. The reason for forcing its adoption at
>the expense of individual inconvenience is that it saves bandwidth by
>making multiplexing possible. The society profits from the change. Nobody
>profits from the forced adoption of KDE4, and there is no payback to the
>inconvenience of individual users.

Also, with the analog switch-over the government is forcing analog signals to 
shut down.  The the KDE 4 switch over, no one is taking the existing KDE 
3.5.10 source code away from you.

If there are enough like-minded people, there should be nothing stopping you 
from creating a KDE 3 4-ever project and releasing KDE 3.5.11 in a few months.
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