[kde-linux] In KDE4, to set a different background for each of the multiple desktops

Stan Goodman stan.goodman at hashkedim.com
Thu Dec 24 17:07:01 UTC 2009

At 18:22:12 on Thursday Thursday 24 December 2009, "Boyd Stephen Smith 
Jr." <bss at iguanasuicide.net> wrote:
> Also, with the analog switch-over the government is forcing analog
> signals to shut down.  The the KDE 4 switch over, no one is taking the
> existing KDE 3.5.10 source code away from you.

The Government forces the analog stations to shut down because if they 
don't there is no benefit at all to switching to digital, since both 
stations are on the air and eating up bandwidht. There is no analogy at 
all with KDE4.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

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