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A new thread sprung out from "Unpopulated Control-Center window"

On Wednesday 02 December 2009 18:42:39 Dale wrote:
> david wrote:
< removed stuff >
> Yea but I would leave all the eye candy turned on most likely.  I sort
> of like the eye candy stuff, as long as it works.  Heck, I like a lot of
> the stuff about KDE 4, I just need to wait until for the geeks that
> program it to get some more stuff working.  After all, KDE 4 is really a
> little baby right now.  It's crawling right now.  I expect it to start
> walking soon, then start running a little after that.  In several months
> KDE 4 will be all grown up and ready for track try outs.
> I didn't expect any less of KDE 3 when it came out.  It took them a good
> while to get KDE 3 working good.  They did tho.  If I need to upgrade my
> video card, I can handle that.  I'll just get the fastest AGP video card
> I can get at a reasonable price and put that little puppy in.  I plan to
> build a new rig soon.  It most likely will have a quad core AMD CPU and
> a few GBs of ram.  That should make KDE 4 really happy.   :-)
> Of course, for people that have older rigs than I do, they may have to
> stick with KDE 3 somehow or move to something else for a GUI.  Heck, I
> have had Fluxbox and Gnome on here before.  I just don't like them much
> but they are faster, especially Fluxbox.
> Dale  aka Mr Patient.
I have, but it does not help. You only get quicker to a hang up.
I have now used the new KDE4 for a couple of weeks and have 4 different 
computers with openSUSE 11.2.

Some things are really good but a lot of useless eye candy spoils everything. 
Only consume a lot of CPU power. When I compare my 4 different SUSE one thing 
seems to be common. There must be some very severe flaw in how to write 
to/from files. I have used Linux for more than 10 years but have have more 
"Window" behaviours during one normal day than during all the years before.
It does more feels like a single task single user computer where every task 
have to wait for the previous to finish. Most of the problems can be traced 
back to a read or write problem.

Nevertheless I have forced myself to use it. Even if many of my earlier used 
apps not work yet. Perhaps I could contribute wit a lot of bug reports. But 
not so. The problems are too many. I also get so disappointed with the very 
low quality some of the KDE apps have now. Much worse than before.

So do we have a new generation of people working and the old one have quited?
Even the good English from KDE 3.5 are changed to, well I don't know. New 
standard seems also to be advocated. What is Mib and kib?

We are also now back to the time before SuSE where the world only was US and 
GB English countries. IE some KDE apps from 3.5 now only works for England and 
US/Canada users.

Another thing worries me too. Will Qt drag KDE into the grave?

I am not a programmer any more. Left this area 5 years ago and do not have 
time to keep up with it. I can promise and be a much better debugger and 
tester, but the KDE people have to be little more concerned with quality and 
productivity than eye candy and all the useless things. You lost more working 
things than you create new features.

/Lars - also patient but for how long

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