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Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 22:57:58 UTC 2009

david wrote:
> Dale wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 02 December 2009 10:42:39 Dale wrote:
>>>>> Maybe not, if you set KDE4 to lose all the eye candy. I have booted some 
>>>>> Live Linux CDs with KDE4 on my 4+ year old Celeron laptop (stuck with 
>>>>> the old Intel 8xx series video hardware) and the video hardware handles 
>>>>> it fine if the eye candy is either turned off or very conservatively set.
>>>>> LXDE runs very well on the old hardware. So does Fluxbox.
>>>> Yea but I would leave all the eye candy turned on most likely.  I sort 
>>>> of like the eye candy stuff, as long as it works.
>>> My laptop is 4.5 years old.  I can use some desktop effects, but realistically 
>>> I have to limit myself to a few, not switch on everything in sight :-)  As 
>>> long as I do that it's perfectly usable for all normal work.
>>> Anne
>> I'm on a desktop which does give me a lot more options.  I can upgrade 
>> my video card and stuff to "improve" the speed.  I think my CPU and ram 
>> will be fine but a faster video card would help, although what I have is 
>> not really bad tho.
> How very Microsoftish KDE has become that we've adopted the standard MS 
> performance solution: "Things too slow - just upgrade your hardware!" ;-)
>> My current rig is a AMD 2500+ with 2Gbs of ram sitting on a Abit NF7 
>> v2.0 mobo.  I have a Nvidia FX-5200 with 128Mb of ram for a video card.  
>> I have two older IDE drives and one SATA drive that is for data, movies 
>> and such as that. 
> You have more power sitting in that one machine than I have COMBINED on 
> three of my machines.
>> It's about 5 or 6 years old but it still works.  I hope to keep it 
>> working for a lot longer tho.  May move it to the closet when I get me a 
>> new rig built. 
> A friend of mine has asked me when I'm getting a quad core machine with 
> 8GB of RAM. I won't have the money for that until that kind of hardware 
> has become low-end hardware. I like doing very large panoramic photos 
> for fun, and would really rather have my computer spending its memory on 
> processing my photo, not throwing around eye candy.

Well, my machine does OK but I think the video card is getting old and 
needs a update.  I have already had to replace the heat sink on it 
twice.  I put a fancy copper thing on it last time.  It is holding up 
pretty good so far. 

I'm hoping that in the end, after a few upgrades, that the new build 
will have 12Gbs of ram, maybe 16Gbs.  I sort of have a mobo picked and 
it maxes out at 16Gbs.  I'm going to try my best to put in sticks so 
that I can max that out without wasting memory sticks.  When I get it up 
pretty high on memory, I plan to mount some things in memory instead of 
on the hard drive.  For Gentoo, /var/tmp is a good one and there is 
another that I can't recall.  I read that it speeds up compiles hugely 
since it is done in memory instead of on the drive.  I hope to get to 
16Gbs at some point tho.

I always shop by getting that sweet spot that is a couple notches lower 
than the top.  I think the fastest CPU I could get was a 2800 or 3000 
when I built my current rig.  I got a couple notches below that and 
saved a good bit of cash for really not a lot of loss on power.  You 
can't really tell the difference between a 2500 and a 2800.  It's not 
that much.

Panoramic pics is something I do as well.  I have some of my neighbors 
houses, my garden and one of a sunrise.  The sunrise looks OK but I want 
to do it again.  I needed to wait about another 10 minutes or so before 
taking the pics.  I usually take at least 8 pics and sometimes as much 
as 20 to make a single panoramic image.  They are cool to look at.

I wonder if Hugin runs on Fluxbox?  I bet it does.  One could always log 
into Fluxbox and do the pics then go back to KDE.  That is a lot of 
hassle tho huh?


:-)  :-) 
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