[kde-linux] insstalling downloads

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Apr 29 08:39:40 UTC 2009

Or perhaps Shannan is referring to downloading a Linux application (DEB 
or RPM) package to desktop and installing from there?

Matthew A Coulliette wrote:
> Shannan,
> Not a problem.  We were all newbies at some point in our past. I need a
> little more information to help you properly. Do you want to install a
> distribution? Examples of distributions are Ubuntu, Suse, Red Hat, etc.
> Personally, I use the Ubuntu family of distributions.  If you want to
> run kde I would recommend Suse or Kubuntu.
> If you download a distribution to a computer. You can burn the .iso
> image onto a cdrom and then use that to install the new Operating System
> onto your computer.  The ubuntu family cds are also live cds; so you can
> try them in your computer without install the new OS.  If you choose do
> install the new OS it will over write your existing OS.  There is a way
> to do a dual boot system; this would allow you to have 2 OS's on your
> computer but it is harder to setup.
> Post again if you have more questions. You can email me directly,
> however, I do not check my email very often.
> MatthewMPP
> Shannan Shaw wrote:
>> Hi! I feel really stupid for asking this but I do not know how to
>> install anything on my computer once i have it downloaded and saved to
>> my desktop. Can you please help me figure it out? Thanks.

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