[kde-linux] Debian 5.0, KDE: getting konqueror to open links from kmail in the background (and not interfere with other behaviors)

Bill Wells hammer29 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 7 02:45:21 UTC 2009

On Monday 06 April 2009 04:09:06 pm Randy Kramer wrote:
> On Monday 06 April 2009 02:07:30 pm Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I've done some testing.  There are two separate issues here.  The
> > first, and, I think, the most important, is that clicking on a link
> > in a mail message should use a new tab rather than a new window,
> > assuming that you have set the preference for that.  This is
> > definitely either a distro or version problem, so there is no point
> > in raising a bug report with kde - and probably not with your distro
> > unless that is likely to chivvy them into updating your packages.
> That first part of the problem is not a problem--that works--the
> configuration settings to do that are fairly easy to find.
> > Then there is the issue of whether it gets focus.  To be honest, I
> > thought it always did, but if you feel strongly about this you should
> > raise a bug report.
> It definitely did not get the focus in Mandriva2006.  (I don't think I
> had to tweak anything to get that behavior, but it was long enough ago
> that I may have forgotten some tweaking.)
> > It is usually recommended that you file  bug
> > report with your distro.  They check whether it is a package issue,
> > and either pass it upstream to kde if they think appropriate or ask
> > you to file a bug upstream.
> Thanks--I'm still thinking--I would feel more comfortable raising it as
> a Debian issue if someone using kde 3.5.10 in another distro got the
> old behavior that I prefer.
Slackware 12.2 kde 3.5.10 gives me a new window for each link checked. I am 
sure this is the same behavior as in Slackware 12.1 and kde 3.5.10.  And,  As 
I recall, as far back as Slackware 9.0 the same behavior.  I had/have always 
wished for the tabs but it wasn't so much of a problem for me to take any 
Note: My current setting in Control Center/Web Browser/Tabbed Browsing/  is 
[Open links in new tab instead of in new window].   Slackware is about a 
plain vanilla as you can get so if you experienced something different I 
would bet on distro behavior if you have experienced something different.
> Randy Kramer

Bill Wells

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