[kde-linux] Status of KDE 4.1.2?

Stefano Crocco stefano.crocco at alice.it
Sat Oct 11 07:08:36 UTC 2008

Alle Saturday 11 October 2008, Thierry de Coulon ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I just downloaded the newest Mandriva (2009 free) to give it a try. It
> comes with KDE 4.1.2 and I wondered what exactly is the status of the
> Desktop and kickoff parts?
> I love kicker, and if kickoff is "finished" it's a show stopper for me:
> almost no configuration options, too large, fancy but not intuitive
> "configuration" elements. I can't help but feel the developpers looked too
> much at OS X instead of remembering OS 9's simplicity...

I don't follow you. Are you speaking about the whole panel (kicker) or of the 
K menu (kickoff)? They're two different things. If you're speaking of the 
menu, kickoff is there, working and (I think) more or less complete. If you 
don't like it, you can make it switch to the KDE 3 behavior by right-clicking 
it and choosing "Switch to Classic Menu Style". Besides, there's also a 
"Application Launcher Menu" plasmoid which is a KDE 3 style menu.

If you're speaking of the panel, then I think it still misses some 
functionality relative to kicker, in particular hiding it has not as yet been 
implemented. Regarding size, you can resize it as you want, both horizontally 
or vertically, so you can't complain about that (I admit that the interface to 
customize the panel is a bit unusual, so it takes a while to get used to).

> The new numbering system makes it hard to know when which element quits
> development state.
> Thierry

I don't think the numbering system has changed since KDE 3. What created 
confusion, I think, is that KDE 4.0.0 was released with many missing features 
with respect to KDE 3, and with a number of bugs. With KDE 4.1, things have 
improved considerably.

I hope this helps


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