[kde-linux] konqueror as file manager

Ulrich Brachvogel ulrich at brachvogel.net
Fri May 23 15:08:35 UTC 2008

Peter Catchlove schrieb:
> Dear All
> My distro is Debian Lenny. I did an upgrade a  few days ago, and KDE is now 
> 3.5.9. I don't know whether it's because of the upgrade, or whether I 
> accidently changed settings, but the behaviour of Konqueror as file manager 
> has changed completely, and ruined my working methods.
> To use the file manager, I used to click on the "home" icon in the panel, and 
> snip----------------------------------------------------
> ...........................................................
> ps: I always thought it wasn't a good idea to combine file-manager with the 
> browser. I have Krusader, but can't configure that as I really like, and it 
> doesn't seem to show previews.
> Peter
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1. in the "View"-menu, you can choose, if you want to see the hidden
    files/folders or not.
2. in the "window"-menu, is an entry to split the konqueror window
    horizontally or vertically.
3. <F9> shows the tree-structur or hides it.
4. in the "Settings"(?I use the German Version)-menu you can save the
    current settings (as default or special profile)

I hope that this is useful for you

TTFN U. Brachvogel

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