[kde-linux] KMail: HTML to plain text converter ("filter")? (And what about an "annotator")

Randy Kramer rhkramer at gmail.com
Thu May 22 14:05:14 UTC 2008

This might turn into an RFE, but first I'll ask the question(s):

Does anybody use (or know of) an email "filter" that converts the text of a 
(received) HTML-only email to plain text?  (I'm looking for something that 
works with kmail--I currently use kmail 1.8.2 which came with Mandriva2006 
(kde 3.4.2).)

While asking that, another thing I'd like is a means to easily add (private) 
annotations to received emails (to be saved in local email folders).  

I know that I can add such annotations by doing something like:

   * moving the email to my outbox, 
   * pressing "t" (Edit Message) to edit it, 
   * saving it as a draft, and finally 
   * moving it to the desired local folder,

... but, that's a little cumbersome.  (Maybe there are some shortcuts--atm, it 
is so cumbersome that I very rarely do it, instead I copy such an email to my 
offline askSam- / TWiki- like clone (being developed) and annotate it there.  
That's not much better, but is better.)

Randy Kramer

PS: If I ever get the time/ambition, I'd also like to add HTML to plain text 
conversion to one or more email list servers.  (At that point, I have a few 
other ideas as well--like as I suggested a few years ago to somebody--I think 
it was the guy who has a fairly well known list archiving service--can't 
think of his or its name at the moment), something that would archive a post 
to the list immediately (before distributing it), then include the URL for 
the archived post in the distributed post.)

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