[kde-linux] Cannot access certain site

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 29 13:30:17 UTC 2008

On Saturday 29 March 2008 09:16, Werner Joss wrote:
> Am Samstag, 29. März 2008 10:00:19 schrieb Anne Wilson:
> > Just a thought.  Several distros have done snapshot releases with kde4
> > running as a live CD or DVD.  The one I have is Fedora, and is quite old
> > now.  KDE4 is far from complete, but certainly enough for you to see it
> > on your hardware.  Of course, the fact that it is running from removable
> > disk inevitably means that it's slow
> sure - but that mostly affects only application startup time.
> once loaded, there shouldn't be much difference in speed/responsiveness in
> comparison to a real harddisk-installation.
> in addition, I have tried both, with similar results:
> as an example, if I do an 'ls -l /usr/bin' in konsole, kde 3.5, the output
> is as fast that I just can't follow it - woosh ...
> in kde4, the lines are just creeping over the screen, one by one...
> and this is what drives me nuts :-[
Very odd.  I've just dug out the DVD and fired it up on a 2.4GHz AMD box.  The 
output was immediate - I'd guess about half a second for the whole display.  
Certainly I only got an impression of it scrolling, I wouldn't have been able 
to read anything.  And remember that this is a Fedora Rawhide (8.90, IIRC) 
with all the de-bugging code still in.  I couldn't try it on the really old 
laptop - at least I did try it, but I had forgotten that it struggles to read 
a DVD, and I don't have a CD version.


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