[kde-linux] Thanks

Sylviane et Perry White spwhite at freesurf.ch
Thu Mar 20 18:43:48 UTC 2008

On Thursday 20 March 2008 03:26, Dave Childs wrote:
> Perry's reply begs some other newbie questions, though: I can't find
> Konq(ueror), Gwenview or Gimp using the 'find' function.  Are these
> programs native in Xandros (v4.1)? 
I guess not. My fault, I shouldn't have assumed you used kde. I don't know 
Xandros but from a very quick googling it appears you may be using gnome 
instead of kde.
> If so, how can I access them?  Thanks. 
You may not need them, first see if some program you have do not offer the 
same feature before trying to install anything you don't really need.
Instead of konqueror you may be using Nautilus or Dolphin or anyother file 
Gwenview is the program I use to view pictures or photos, more convenient than 
the embedded viewer in konq when there are a lot of pictures... and Gimp is 
there to manipulate pictures. It is very elaborate and long to load, so not 
the best option just for a quick print.

Just a (long) sidenote:
The subjects of your mails change from "no subject" (you know it's not good 
practice) through "Can't Scale Scanned Image w/Kooka v0.44" (good) through 
"OOPS, Sorry Abt. The First Note!" to "Thanks".

What do you think of a "Thanks" that appears out of nowhere?
The problem is that the only link between those posts is you name and all of 
these appear intermixed with other unrelated mails in my mail agent.
(on some lists I had more than 50 mails a day so sorting gets important)

Obviously you don't know about mail-threading. I advise you to learn about 
this since it will make it easier for many of us to follow your discussions 
and when you know how to enable this feature in your mail-agent ("thread 
messages") it will probably also make your mail reading easier.

*The main thing you have to do*  is "reply" to a message (probably using a 
right mouse click on the message you reply to) *instead of starting a message 
as new*... it makes a difference because some meta-data are written to your 
message header (In-Reply-To:.. ) and even you may not have set up your system 
to display this info to you, some systems uses it to sort and group messages 

Do your search first, it is a very simple topic, and if you still have 
questions feel free to ask.


BOFH excuse #197: I'm sorry a pentium wont do, you need an SGI to connect with 

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