[kde-linux] Desktop behavior

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 24 19:30:46 UTC 2008

On Thursday 24 July 2008 19:04:56 David Baron wrote:
> I drag a file attachment from a email onto the desktop. Once was it got
> copied to the desktop folder and the icon appeared. I removed the file or
> the icon, it was deleted or to the trashcan. Simple, intuitive, normal.
I suppose we all have our idea of what's normal.  I've never before tried 
dragging an email attachment to the desktop.  I did try it after reading 
this, but the icon is created and appears to point to an empty file.

> Comes KDE4. I drag a file to the desktop. I get the icon. Just the icon and
> that points to the location of the file which is probably in some temporary
> or volatile location. Next time a click that icon. No file. long gone.
> I do not mind removing an icon not removing the actual file. However, the
> unintuitive action to me should be changed.
I have no solution for you.  To me the intuitive action is to Save As, which 
is what I've always done.  Sorry

Maybe when we have Folder View you will just be able to drag your attachment 
to a folder, but I'm only guessing.


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