[kde-linux] Users guide to KDE?

Gaffer. derrick_s at tesco.net
Fri Jul 4 19:05:46 UTC 2008

Hi Kevin

On Thursday 03 July 2008 23:08, Kevin M Coonan MD wrote:
> On Thursday 03 July 2008 15:53:15 Gaffer. wrote:
> > I have no problem spell checking HTML,  but I do disagree with
> > using HTML for mail !
> So do don't use it.

I don't !  Not for Email anyway.

> I do a lot of technical writing via email where the additional mark
> up is crucial and there are standard conventions for use of color,
> italics, and fixed width fonts.

Forgive me, but I know nothing of this !   However I am willing to 

> For most people, they expect to be able to make their e-mails look
> pretty even if it adds nothing to the message.
> The fact that the KMail developers repeatedly refuse to allow
> people to forward an e-mail with HTML intact in spite of hundreds
> of people asking for it is inexcusable.  They are taking the
> approach that they know best for everyone and nobody else's use
> case matters.

I don't know, so I am not able to comment !

> I.e. they are acting like a bunch of Linux programmers.
> Kevin

Best Regards:

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