[kde-linux] Users guide to KDE?

Tony Alfrey tonyalfrey at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 3 21:22:06 UTC 2008

David J Iannucci wrote:
> On Thu, 3 Jul 2008 14:34:21 -0600, "Kevin M Coonan MD" said:
>> Needs to be published, in print, with pretty color pictures, and an
>> on-line website with updates. [....] But it needs to show up in the
>> computer book section in all major retail outlets.  If you build
>> it...and nobody ever hears about it...
> Never gonna happen - you know that. As I think someone said a few
> messages ago, things just change too fast.  

Approx 9 years ago Dennis Powell wrote "Practical KDE".  It was a very 
thick book and it must have taken forever to write.  Very good format, 
graphics, examples, pictures, everything.

Must have been current for about 6 months.
Want my copy?

Tony Alfrey
tonyalfrey at earthlink.net
"I'd Rather Be Sailing"

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