[kde-linux] Users guide to KDE?

David J Iannucci xqryvahkzy at punchcutter.ml1.net
Thu Jul 3 21:09:33 UTC 2008

On Thu, 3 Jul 2008 14:34:21 -0600, "Kevin M Coonan MD" said:
> Needs to be published, in print, with pretty color pictures, and an
> on-line website with updates. [....] But it needs to show up in the
> computer book section in all major retail outlets.  If you build
> it...and nobody ever hears about it...

Never gonna happen - you know that. As I think someone said a few
messages ago, things just change too fast.  Plus there would need to be
millions of footnotes for different distros. Why kill so many trees for
so little benefit?  Anyone using Linux will be perfectly comfortable
with the web, and there's no reason not to keep docs on the web.

The interesting question is how to manage those docs.  I feel Wikipedia
provides a wonderful model for maintaining a large text base.  Docs for
something like KDE could be done in the form on an open-edit wiki (the
MediaWiki software that WP uses is excellent), overseen by all those
knowledgeable people out there.  This is probably the most effective way
to make sure the docs are kept up to date and include all the niggling
details that people need to know (which dead-tree editions will never
include because of space limitations).  Even the relative n00b who finds
a piece of outdated or mistaken info in the doc can fix it on the spot -

If you feel so strongly the need for documention, perhaps you could
spearhead such an effort.  I know I'd participate.


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