[kde-linux] Installing KDE4 on Sid

Dale dalek1967 at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 28 16:13:07 UTC 2008

david wrote:
> Dale wrote:
>> david wrote:
>>> Werner Joss wrote:
>>>> p.s.:
>>>> it seems there are not many people on this list who have already switched to 
>>>> kde4, thus few responses on this.
>>> And the more I read about it and look at it on the kde.org website, the 
>>> less I see any reason whatsoever to use it.
>> I ran into a issue and had to remove it from mine.  Couldn't change the
>> login screen and make it accept the changes.  Worked fine after removing
>> KDE4 tho.
> Try it under VirtualBox - then when it goes south, your main system 
> still works. ;-)

Everything still worked fine, it just wouldn't let me have a clock
instead of the blue KDE gear thingy.  I like my clock on there. 

>> It looked cool tho.
> I think that's the real reason behind KDE4. Mac OS X and Windows Vista 
> look cooler than KDE3, so we must out-cool them!
> All the eye candy the kde.org site raves about so much is something I've 
> hated for years. Transparency in windows and/or applications just makes 
> everything harder to read and increases screen clutter, for instance.
> I don't disagree with the migration to a better underlying graphics kit, 
> but that could have been done without screwing with the UI or tossing in 
> what look to me like pretty poor design ideas ... I think that *KDE4 
> would be finished, out the door and stable* already if they hadn't 
> decided with mangle the UI ... Oh, well. Will a KDE update replacing 
> KDE3 with KDE4 someday force itself on me? If so, methinks Microsoft is 
> having a lot of unintended influence on the open source community!
> I already had to lock my samba versions because of the maintainer's 
> refusal to allow people to use unauthenticated shares without causing a 
> kernel panic. Microsoft is not the only software place around that can 
> be characterized as arrogant.

It seems to me that KDE is trying to improve just like everybody else is
doing.  M$, Apple and everybody else does it so why not KDE?  I always
thought it was M$ that stole from Linux tho.  Tab browsing came to mind
on that.  Linux been doing that for ages then finally M$ grows a pair
and gets it too.

I'm looking forward to it going stable and having all the features
enabled/working myself.


:-)  :-) 

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