[kde-linux] Installing KDE4 on Sid

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Jan 23 15:58:59 UTC 2008

Found this one, apparantly on Sid rather than experimental: 

Attempt to install brings in a slew of other stuff (which may not actually be 
available since this was the only thing found in a search for "KDE4" on Sid.

I am NOT using udev. Too many problems reported (though live CDs using it work 
just fine on my system so maybe it is time ....). The installation of that 
runtime seems to demand udev. So ... does KDE4 (or even KDE3.5.8--I have a 
"konstruct" KDE3.5.6 on my system which works fine without udev!) really 
require udev? I think not. So could this dependency be removed?

(Udev dependencies seem to come about when a package wants to write udev 
rules--alternatives are to simply flag the non-existant folder or create it 
as there is nothing wrong with having the rules around even if I do not use 
them--I have manually created these folders a few times already when the 
error was flagged!)

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