[kde-linux] Compiling for KDE4

Esben Mose Hansen kde at mosehansen.dk
Tue Feb 12 07:18:53 UTC 2008

On Sunday February 10 2008 19:18:32 David Baron wrote:
> What needs be installed. I have whatever SDK stuff is on Debian Sid.
> Tried compiling SemantiK and KDiamonds.
> Semantik say "KDE4 required". OK, I still cannot run it (with non-root
> privileges) but stuff like Dolphin will come up just fine in KDE3.5.
> KDiamonds cmake looks for cmake module FindKDE4Internals.cmake. I have a
> FIndKDE4.cmake but not on any paths that build searches. I made a symlink
> and the the cmake just hangs.

Some of these (from unstable) will probably need to be installed  before you 
can compile, At the bare minumum, you need kdelibs5-dev.

p   kdelibs5                                                              - 
core libraries for all KDE 4 applications
p   kdelibs5-data                                                         - 
core shared data for all KDE 4 applications
p   kdelibs5-dbg                                                          - 
debugging symbols for the KDE 4 libraries module
p   kdelibs5-dev                                                          - 
development files for the KDE 4 core libraries
p   kdelibs5-doc                                                          - 
developer documentation for the KDE 4 core libraries

regards, Esben

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