[kde-linux] Compiling for KDE4

Dale dalek1967 at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 11 00:33:26 UTC 2008

David Baron wrote:
> What needs be installed. I have whatever SDK stuff is on Debian Sid.
> Tried compiling SemantiK and KDiamonds.
> Semantik say "KDE4 required". OK, I still cannot run it (with non-root 
> privileges) but stuff like Dolphin will come up just fine in KDE3.5.
> KDiamonds cmake looks for cmake module FindKDE4Internals.cmake. I have a 
> FIndKDE4.cmake but not on any paths that build searches. I made a symlink and 
> the the cmake just hangs.
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I'm not completely sure it would help but I could email you the unmask 
files for Gentoo.  If you would like a copy just email me.  I'd be glad 
to send you a copy, if it would help.


:-)  :-)

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