[kde-linux] Running a custom script in Kdevelop or Kate

Daniel danstemporaryaccount at yahoo.ca
Mon Feb 4 23:40:37 UTC 2008

I'm not a fan of two-space indents in my code, preferring a single tabstop to 
handle my indents, but the project I'm working on is written in Ruby and the 
standard in that community is a two-space indent, so I have to conform.

I came up with this nifty script however that re-indents the file using tabs, 
and then when I'm ready to commit, re-2spaces it.  I can run it manually 
without issue, but I'd like to find some way to integrate it into Kate and/or 
Kdevelop.  You know, something like:

  1. Open file
  2. Run command that calls my script to fix the indenting
  3. Write code
  4. Run another command that calls my script to uglify the indenting

I would think that this would be easy, but I'd have had no luck digging up a 
howto so far.  Any help would be appreciated.

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