[kde-linux] Installing KDE4 on Debian Sid

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Mon Feb 4 17:58:27 UTC 2008

Got a KDE4 session running with no path/ldlibrary path changes at all from a 
"failsafe" X-session by running sudo /usr/bin/kdestart

1. Got all the icons I had on my kde3.5 desktop back in plasma. Some 
defaulted. Might use older rather than oxygen next time.
2. Icons too big. New system configuration (formerly kcontrol) is quite nice 
but did not have (immediate) effect (then again, we might not be dealing with 
pixel counts any longer). Indeed, most "objects" seem too big.
3. Phonon has xine backend. How do I use others, i.e. jack.
4. How do I get same startup icons as I had, those in Autostart and those 
running at last shutdown?
5. Configure clock?
6. There is apparently a lot of not 100% compliant XML around.

Once I have it running reliably, I'm sure I'll figure most of this out.

Tried to run it from kdm (3.5--the /usr/bin/startkde is in a desktop file 
available to both kdm versions). Does not come up but clicks in, then clicks 
back to the logon screen.

Tried to run it again from an xterm but no sudo. No go. That is when I get all 
those crashes.

Started a kde3.5 session. Uh Oh. The sudo'd kde4 session changed the 
owneship/permission of an .ICE.... file. Changed them back, got past that, 
then if found no .DCOP.... file. Went to a tty session and ran dcopserver. 
After that, kde3.5 came up OK.

I assume that these .DCOP... files go away on logout since there were none on 
other accounts. Dcopserver is started by ?? and stopped by ???. KDE4 does not 
use it.

If some one can tell me how to start it up in a more normal manner and a less 
destructive manner, I would love to play with KDE4 more.

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