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SilentK silentk at newnorth.net
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Thanks for the favor, Kevin. Sorry for the time lapse with my response.
My problem is with k3b from KDE3.5.9 in a new install of openSuse 11.0.
I think I have a RW DVD that no longer writes! How would k3b appear if
ask to copy a DVD using a drive with a hardware problem?
One other question I think I know the answer to, is will the DVD copy of
the distro DVD on k3b clone the DVD so it's bootable like the source?
Details for my particular case follow!
In my dial-up territory, I ordered the 11.0 DVD online. After some
WinModem problems that contributed to the response time lapse, I wanted
to clone the distro DVD.
The HP target for 11.0 had a DVD RW drive. Some drive warnings came up
in the media check, but didn't appear threatening. The same drive (in
read mode) loaded the image without apparent problem.
Before attempting to clone the DVD, I connected to packman to install
mp3 packages for k3b. I don't know if packman also updated k3b in this
So putting the distro DVD into the drive brings up an "auto mount" kind
of window that gives the choice of "copy DVD" with k3b. Taking that
selection brings up k3b with the copy DVD menu open.
The k3b "copy DVD" menu is modal, such that it freezes the main k3b
menu. Only a read speed selection and the cancel button are active on
the copy menu.
If I close the k3b "copy DVD" menu the main k3b menu is again active.
The DVD drive can be mounted, unmounted, etc. There didn't appear to be
another mechanism to copy the DVD mounted or otherwise except for using
the copy menu.
I also tried to invoke k3b from the command line with options like
source and copy. These invocations fill up the terminal buffer, to all
that left to see is a profusion of speed related statements.
My plan is to swap DVD drives with another computer to see what's
changed in the k3b behavior.
Any other suggestions
Frank K
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