[kde-linux] Frank K - Posting from foreign address?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Dec 16 21:18:03 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 16 December 2008, Dale wrote:
> SilentK wrote:
> > List, if this gets posted, sorry for the interruption.
> >
> > Before I ask my technical question, I may have some procedural hoops to
> > navigate.
> >
> > Currently I'm at a location remote from my own computer and ISP. If I
> > can't use this local address to access the list, I can use webmail via
> > my own ISP.

> It made it to the list.  Carry on.  We'll be here.

A word from the list's admin (that would be me):

I usually check the moderation queue once a day so it could be delayed for 
almost 24 hours under usual circumstances.
However, I am currently on a business trip and might not check the queue for 
days in a row.

If you can live with that, fine with me, otherwise consider subscribing the 
other address for the time being or use one of the news gateways which allow 


Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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