[kde-linux] kmail and kdewallet

Andreas Demmer mail at andreas-demmer.de
Mon Dec 29 12:46:14 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
>?First, it's looking for nepomukstorage. ?I wouldn't have thought
> that the kde3 kontact would be using that, so is this the new kde4 version?

Yes, that's KDE4 KMail Version 1.10.92

> ? And if so, from what source?

I installed it from openSUSE KDE 4.2 UNSTABLE BuildService repository, where 
it comes by default with KDE 4.2Beta 2 (4.1.85).

> Second - it mentions a dbus problem. ?A number of people have been hit by
> dbus problems recently - not sure, but I think it was a kernel issue - and
> an update had to contain a reversion. ?Could this be related to your
> problem?

May be! I delayed KMail startup by 30s after at least one other app contacted 
kwallet and requested authentication. After this, KMail/kwallet communication 
seems to work just fine.

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