[kde-linux] [3.5.5] KDED using too much CPU

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Fri Dec 12 21:11:59 UTC 2008

On 2008/12/12 20:34 (GMT) Gaffer. composed:

> On Friday 12 December 2008 00:28, Felix Miata wrote:

>> Top shows it running in the 50%-60% range. It's sending my CPU temp
>> up high enough to bump the BIOS overheat warning frequently. That
>> setting is currently 78C/172F, and rebooting while the temp was
>> elevated showed a temp of 70C, with similarly elevated temps on the
>> other sensors. So far the only way I know to make the beeping stop
>> is to drop to runlevel 3.

> After 5 years the heatsink paste will have dried out and need 
> replacing.  Its fine keeping the fan and fins clean but few people 
> ever think to refresh the interface medium !

I disagree that the "paste" categorically needs replacing after 5 years.
Sometimes the "paste" is an OEM adhesive slab that continues to function
basically the same for the whole life of the rest of the hardware. Sometimes
the paste is good stuff that lasts and lasts.

In any event, mine got new paste less than a year ago when it got the new
cooler, and the temps haven't materially changed since the CPU was new.

>> After cooldown, fresh cleaning, reboot directly into BIOS, & 20 min
>> uptime, temp is at 61C.

>> The CPU is a socket 478 P4 3.0G, about 5 years old, but I don't
>> remember whether Prescott or Northwood. Fans & heat sinks are all
>> clean and working.

> I have the same CPU and mine runs at about 65 - 68 continously with 
> odd peaks to 75+ when something causes 100% usage.  Which isn't very 
> often. 

That's definitely nice to know. But, AFAICT without shutting down and
removing the cooler yet again in order to find out the actual code on the
chip, I think http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SL79L is
it, and it has a 69.1C spec. I don't think raising the alarm temp above its
current virtual underspec 70C setting would be a particularly good idea. The
beeps amount to a warning something is wrong. Better to solve the real
problem than sooth just the symptoms.

>> How do I figure out what is making KDED use so much CPU, and stop
>> it without having to log out?

Stopping KDED from needlessly consuming an inordinate amount of CPU is the
best fix. Until I can repeat the problem at will though that could be a
problem to do. If and when that happens,
http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-kde/2008-12/msg00046.html has the plan to
find a solution.
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