[kde-linux] [3.5.5] KDED using too much CPU

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Fri Dec 12 04:49:29 UTC 2008

On 2008/12/11 18:42 (GMT-0600) Nick LeRoy composed:

> On Thursday 11 December 2008, Felix Miata wrote:

>> Top shows it running in the 50%-60% range. It's sending my CPU temp up high
>> enough to bump the BIOS overheat warning frequently. That setting is
>> currently 78C/172F, and rebooting while the temp was elevated showed a temp
>> of 70C, with similarly elevated temps on the other sensors. So far the only
>> way I know to make the beeping stop is to drop to runlevel 3.

>> After cooldown, fresh cleaning, reboot directly into BIOS, & 20 min uptime,
>> temp is at 61C.

>> The CPU is a socket 478 P4 3.0G, about 5 years old, but I don't remember
>> whether Prescott or Northwood. Fans & heat sinks are all clean and working.

>> How do I figure out what is making KDED use so much CPU, and stop it
>> without having to log out?

> This is a bug that many have fought with (myself included).  It seems to be 
> linked to the wallet manager and some race conditions in it.

AFAIK, I did nothing to cause kwallet to be accessed, and I don't use kmail
either. OTOH, I did notice a whole bunch of duplicate processes while kded
was looping the CPU into overheat. I think they were kio_file or
kio-something-or-other, 6-8 of them.

> The best that I've come up with is a script that I run from my .kde/Autostart 
> that "watches" for kded going gonzo, kills it, and restarts it via "kdedinit 
> kded".

> If anybody's really interested, I could post the script here...  It's a chunk 
> of Python, and attempts to be somewhat general purpose, has configurable 
> thresholds, etc.

A better place for others to find might be
http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=168901 but I'll take it here. Will it
work without a complete kdm restart?

The ultimate solution is system replacement. I already built it weeks ago. I
just have to get an OS chosen and installed, the former of which has been
proving difficult due to my mandatory requirement for X to have functioning
panning virtual desktops, AFAICT missing from openSUSE 11.0 & 11.1 and other
xrandr distros released in the past year or more.
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