[kde-linux] [3.5.5] KDED using too much CPU

Nick LeRoy nleroy at cs.wisc.edu
Fri Dec 12 00:42:40 UTC 2008

On Thursday 11 December 2008, Felix Miata wrote:
> Top shows it running in the 50%-60% range. It's sending my CPU temp up high
> enough to bump the BIOS overheat warning frequently. That setting is
> currently 78C/172F, and rebooting while the temp was elevated showed a temp
> of 70C, with similarly elevated temps on the other sensors. So far the only
> way I know to make the beeping stop is to drop to runlevel 3.
> After cooldown, fresh cleaning, reboot directly into BIOS, & 20 min uptime,
> temp is at 61C.
> The CPU is a socket 478 P4 3.0G, about 5 years old, but I don't remember
> whether Prescott or Northwood. Fans & heat sinks are all clean and working.
> How do I figure out what is making KDED use so much CPU, and stop it
> without having to log out?

This is a bug that many have fought with (myself included).  It seems to be 
linked to the wallet manager and some race conditions in it.

The best that I've come up with is a script that I run from my .kde/Autostart 
that "watches" for kded going gonzo, kills it, and restarts it via "kdedinit 

If anybody's really interested, I could post the script here...  It's a chunk 
of Python, and attempts to be somewhat general purpose, has configurable 
thresholds, etc.


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