[kde-linux] Setting keyboard repeat rate in KDE4

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 23 23:58:52 UTC 2008

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AAW wrote:
> Thank you. I'll file that one in my Tips folder. I never thought of editing 
> xorg.conf.

you are welcome and my apologies. i did not mention 'man xorg.conf'. it list
what you can do with 'x configs' and you can work from it to set up a lot of
what does not get done by default. also note last section 'see also'.

> It turns out that the problem only appears if Gnome is installed. System 
> settings tries to use the keyboard.desktop file from gnome-control-center 
> instead of KDE4's keyboard.desktop file. I don't know at this point whether 
> it's a Mandriva or KDE4 bug.

i knew that there were configs in 'keyboard.desktop', but i am a 'kde bigot'
so i do not install gnome. therefore, i do not have problems with gnome.

i have found using 'locate [searchword]|less' to be very helpful. when
it is very long, i add in a few '|grep -v [minusword]' to cut down what
is found. i save a lot of locates in a directory '/home/users/found/'
and often find my self looking back into it. it is also linked as
'/home/geo/found/' and on my desktop to get to quick and easy.


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