[kde-linux] How to map "Super" and "menu" keys onto an old keyboard

Bruce Miller subscribe at brmiller.ca
Sat Aug 23 22:48:14 UTC 2008

I would like to map the so-called "Super" or "Meta-"key --- commonly called the Windows key, because that is the symbol on most current keyboards --- to the Right-Alt key of an older PC-101 keyboard. At the same time, it would be nice to map the "menu" or "context" key (which generates the same keycode as right-clicking a mouse) to the Right-Ctrl key. To do so will help reduce my dependence on the productivity-destroying computer mouse.

I have tried remapping the Super Key using xmodmap, but it has never worked. Perhaps it was an error to declare my keyboard truthfully in xorg.conf, that is, as a PC-101 keyboard, not as a more modern PC-104 keyboard. I would like to do the mod at the lowest level possible, which would presumably be at the xorg.conf level. (What use does one ever make of those keys in a virtual (or login) console?)

Can anyone help me work out settings I need to implement these two extra keys?

Please forgive me if this or a similar question has recently come up on this list. A quick check on Google suggests that it has not. I have just returned to this list after an absence of almost five years (and  back then, it had a different name :-) ).

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