[kde-linux] Binding user-generated text to an unused KDE keybinding

Bruce Miller subscribe at brmiller.ca
Sat Aug 23 23:10:24 UTC 2008

It would make my Web surfing more productive to use the keyboard more and to use the mouse less. In order to do that, I would like to set up "hotkeys" or "macro" keys. I have four desktops in my KDE4.1 and the keystrokes to cycle through them are Ctl-1 through Ctl-4. This suggests that I could assign eight hotkeys to Ctl-5 through Ctl-12 inclusive.

I tend to use Firefox more than Konqueror but am looking for a solution that works in both, i.e. that avoids yet another Firefox extension which would not offer any functionality in Konqueror anyway.

The nature of task that I am looking for is, for example, to program "Complete story\n" to Ctl-5 so that I can quickly get into a news article on Linux Today.

I would have thought that this might be possible through System Settings |Computer Administration |Keyboard & Mouse |Keyboard Shortcuts | Configuration of keybindings. But that dialogue presents a loooong list of predefined keybindings and offers no clue on how to add new ones.

Please forgive me if this or a similar question has recently come up on this list. A quick check on Google suggests that it has not. I have just returned to this list after an absence of almost five years (and  back then, it had a different name :-) ).
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