[kde-linux] Konqueror: Named anchor in <pre> element not working

Dominik Geyer dominik.geyer at gmx.de
Fri Aug 22 10:15:31 UTC 2008

Lars Koraeus <lars.koraeus <at> yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> The page is not long enough for you to see if it works or not.

Depends on your browser window size/screen size. It's just a stripped down 

> I cannot see that this has anything to do with KDE.

I do: With konqueror (3.5.9 and 4.0.x);

> However put a the DOCTYPE in the beginning of the document and move the 
> to after the </pre>. Without DOCTYPE you can never know how it will be 
> treated.

I noticed this problem with a XHTML 1.0 conform page (including DOCTYPE). It 
was just a stripped down example to show how it works.

Moving the named anchor outside of the <pre> has - ofc - no effect. The same 
page works btw. in other browsers.


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