[kde-linux] cups vs lp for Epson R380 printer

Paul Cartwright paul_tbot at pcartwright.com
Fri Aug 1 12:09:48 UTC 2008

I am having a problem with my Epson R380 printer. I a running Debian Lenny, 
and the latest KDE for lenny, and CUPS.
I installed this printer a while ago, and when you reboot, it prints for a 
while, then stops. lpstat gives me this:

printer EpsonR380 is idle.  enabled since Fri 01 Aug 2008 08:00:27 AM EDT
	/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertopips failed

if I go to the command line and type:
it prints to the R380 ( default printer)

I do remember I had to really do some magic to get it to print, running alien 
on a pipslite RPM to install it... is there an easy fix for this, or am I 
trying to do the impossible??
if I go to the web admin for printers, it shows this:

EpsonR380 (Default Printer) "/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertopips failed"
	Description: EPSON Stylus Photo R380
Printer Driver: EPSON Stylus Photo R380, Photo Image Print System Lite
Printer State: idle, accepting jobs, published.
Device URI: usb://EPSON/Stylus%20Photo%20R380 

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