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Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 25 13:37:53 UTC 2007

Hello, yes, kbluetooth is working fine. I had this strange problem with the PIN from the Nokia phone, but  than I disabled authentication and it connects properly.

Where does this PIN get saved - couldn't find the place.

As you say, everything but the sync works ... I tried also kitchensync ... and multisync, and the hell of syncs you can imagine, but it is not working. Read manual pages and tried manually to read and write to the phone - but always had problems.

Nokia Phone: multisync/kitchensync starts and nothing happens / hangs after connecting to the phone

Sony-Eric K750i: multisync/kitchensync starts and  reads a lot of entries and than it breaks. 

Communication with the phone:
For the Nokia phone I used gnokii and for the Sony-Ericsson I used wammu/gammu. Wammu/gammu is not working well with Nokia (breaking while reading contacts and calender entries).

Pretty tricky to configure them - if someone wants to have an example let me know - I'll send you related information and config files.

I'm really disappointed by the state of mobile sync under linux today ... I can not manage my organizer without M$ windows system and this is only useful to get sync up between the two phones
Very very disappointing, that it is not working and I don't even want to see a M$-Windows system.

What versions of the software are you using? I've seen on my system  opensync  0.19 and there is 0.30 version. libsyncml0 0.4 - is there a newer one ?

Does somebody know if the described problems are solved in the next versions? May be it's worth to install the tools from scratch ... but this means recompiling all related software - the hell of work.

So any information how problems can be solved is appreciated

best regards

Good to hear you're making progress. I finally got KBluetooth to find my phone 
and keep finding it. New version requires the phone to always be visible 
though (??) because it doesn't offer any "last used" history anymore. If 
that's what it takes, I can live with that. OBEX file transfers now work 

Using the phone as a HID also works, I had to re"pair" the phones via the 
command line bluez tools (hcitool mostly) as root and then as used, but it 
seems to have remembered the PIN now and connecting works from the phone. 
Since I use my PC as a media player too, this saves me a lot of troubles.

Only thing that doesn't work if the sync. I'm trying to crack that via 
kitchensync (yep, I'm a total KDE-whore ;)) and it will connect with the 
mobile phone quite well, tell me how many items it read, but then the KDE-PIM 
side will crash. so, I actually think the bluetooth side of that works and 
the phone agrees.

I'll try gammu /wannu too and see what that does, nice tip, thanks.


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