[kde-linux] (kde) bluetooth debian sid

Patrick patrick at evilplatypus.net
Tue Oct 23 18:52:48 UTC 2007

Good to hear you're making progress. I finally got KBluetooth to find my phone 
and keep finding it. New version requires the phone to always be visible 
though (??) because it doesn't offer any "last used" history anymore. If 
that's what it takes, I can live with that. OBEX file transfers now work 

Using the phone as a HID also works, I had to re"pair" the phones via the 
command line bluez tools (hcitool mostly) as root and then as used, but it 
seems to have remembered the PIN now and connecting works from the phone. 
Since I use my PC as a media player too, this saves me a lot of troubles.

Only thing that doesn't work if the sync. I'm trying to crack that via 
kitchensync (yep, I'm a total KDE-whore ;)) and it will connect with the 
mobile phone quite well, tell me how many items it read, but then the KDE-PIM 
side will crash. so, I actually think the bluetooth side of that works and 
the phone agrees.

I'll try gammu /wannu too and see what that does, nice tip, thanks.


On Monday 22 October 2007 13:58:41 Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
> Thanks anyway.
> I managed it so far to get gnokii (xgnokii) to talk to the Nokia phone and
> gammu (wammu) to the Sony/Erics K750i. So basically bluetooth works with
> both of them. and I have more or less full access to phone sservices. I
> didn't check web or audio services yet. Call and SMS is working fine.
> The only problem is that the sync is not working (breaking) and phones are
> hanging. pretty sh...
> I think what you mean by XML in a tar is the WAP format ... may be you are
> right that there is a problem with it, but I believe it is the driver
> (syncml) that is buggy.
> I will try to get more support there. And if you hear something let me
> know.
> regards
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