[kde-linux] A couple of KDevelop questions

Tony Bloomfield tonyb.lx at btinternet.com
Tue Oct 9 16:09:59 UTC 2007

I guess you folks use kdevelop a lot, so maybe you can answer these to save me 
subbing to the dedicated list. Before you ask, I did search the options, 
config files, handbook, FAQs etc. though due to my great age, may have missed 
what I was looking for!

1) When I create a new project, the wizard displays my email address in the 
Project Options dialog. I'd like it to display a different address as 
default, but can't see where it comes from.

2) When I work on KMyMoney, using Build/Compile file (or Build project), 
kdevelop automatically saves all changed files before compiling. I find this 
very convenient. I have imported a private Qt project, and now I have to 
individually save every changed file before building. How do I switch on the 
automatic save feature?

3) When I use Build project in this private project, it always seems to 
re-compile everything, whether it's changed or not, but running 'make' from 
the command line acts as expected. Any ideas on what controls that? Does 
kdevelop just use the Makefile created by Qt?

Thanks in advance for any replies.



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