[kde-linux] A novel(?) KDE 3.5 taskbar message

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Oct 9 10:53:37 UTC 2007

On Saturday 06 October 2007, Felix Karpfen wrote:

> - when placing my mouse over the new icon, I got a message that the
>   content (the mounted drive?) is **asking for attention**.
> As mentioned, everything worked perfectly.
> But what sort of attention was being requested? And by whom?

This basically means that the window was opened while you were working with 
another window, so KWin, the KDE window manager decided not to interrupt your 
work and open the window in the background.

Since you might not have noticed this, the "status" of the window is changed 
to "ask for attention" so you can distringuish it from other windows, e.g. 
get a hint that you might want to have a look at this particular window.


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