[kde-linux] Spam filtering and replying

Dale dalek at exceedtech.net
Sat Mar 10 19:58:58 UTC 2007

Mark Ness wrote:
> My question has already been answered, and other than that spam coming 
> through kde-linux list, this is not kde-linux related, but I'll go so 
> far as to say this.
> "My only purpose for spam filtering is so I don't have to wade through 
> 100 spams in my inbox to find one legitimate message. It's not about 
> fighting spam. I gave up that fight long ago. It's about putting in in 
> it's proper place, Trash".
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I use Seamonkey and it has a nice spam filter.  It took a while but
after about 6 months it got to where it would catch about 95% of spam
and I have it set to move to the trash directly.

It is very rare that I get a good message marked as spam.  I do on
occasion have to mark one as spam that it missed but it is really good
at it.  Since Seamonkey, Thunderbird and them work on about every OS,
that may be worth a try too.  My oldest bro uses Seamonkey too and he
has XP.  Sorry, I can't always be around to fix it for him.  He's not geeky.

There are options that will take care of spam for you.  Just have to
find the best one.


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