[kde-linux] Spam filtering and replying

Mark Ness mark at noneinc.us
Sat Mar 10 04:18:30 UTC 2007

Sylviane et Perry White wrote:
> On Thursday 08 March 2007 18:40, Mark Ness wrote:
>> Just curious about that spam that got through. My spam filter didn't
>> catch it (and I would not have expected it to since it came through
>> kde-linux list), but I also did not mark it as spam because I though
>> thunderbird might start marking all kde-linux mail as spam.
> My question would be: what prevents me or you from spamming the list?
> I don't belive the proper way to fight spamming is with spam filters, sounds 
> like asking everyone to carry a gun to fight street insecurity. If someone 
> can provide informations on other ways to fight it I will be interrested to 
> know. Who really has any incentive to fight spam, it is a market after all?
> As an example there is barely a month where paedophilia on the internet 
> doesn't make some headlines, and it appears they are even able catch people 
> just for downloading that material. So why is'nt it possible to purchase 
> spammers the same way? I haven't met  paedophilia on the net yet (not 
> searching for it)  but have received many thousands of spams.
> (Out of topic)
> In my paranoia I sometime think that paedophilia is a more politically correct 
> way to introduce notions like "security" on the net than spam, phishing, 
> troyans and so on...an excuse to filter on the content, not as you decided 
> for yourself but as someone else decided.
> Mass media (like news papers and TV) are already mostly owned by the very same 
> people that decide of your fate. Internet, although full of junk, is the only 
> free(speech) medium we have left and I am deeply concerned it may disseapear 
> soon.
> If Vista takes hold Linux won't remain unscattered, Vista claims to protect 
> DMR but I can do so much more.
> see:		http://badvista.fsf.org/
> Was Vista part of a deal between M$ and the neocons? Well, I must be paranoid.
> Greetings		Perry
My question has already been answered, and other than that spam coming 
through kde-linux list, this is not kde-linux related, but I'll go so 
far as to say this.
"My only purpose for spam filtering is so I don't have to wade through 
100 spams in my inbox to find one legitimate message. It's not about 
fighting spam. I gave up that fight long ago. It's about putting in in 
it's proper place, Trash".

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