[kde-linux] Sifting through oowriter files - saved as M$ .doc - to find word/phrase occurrences

john d. herron paradox.herron at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 7 04:28:33 UTC 2007

Hi, all.
When I use KFind's "Containing text" option to locate files other than 
plain text (e.g. files written in OOWriter but saved as MS .doc) that 
contain a certain word or phrase, I invariably come up emptyhanded even 
though I know for a fact that there are matches it should find.
Is this a built-in limitation or am I simply being overly optimistic, or 
obviously doing something wrong?
If so, are there any other methods that could provide the results I am 
looking for?
Any help will be thankfully appreciated.
kubuntu 6.06 LTS on i586 w/ 512 MB


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