[kde-linux] Connecting to a samba share at startup

Boyan Tabakov blade.alslayer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 06:37:19 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 31 July 2007 00:23:06 Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 30 Jul 2007, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Monday 30 Jul 2007, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > > Hmm - I have
> > >
> > > //borg/anne  /mnt/Samba-Home   smbfs   username=anne,password=mypasswd
> > > 0 0
> > >
> > > but it didn't work.  What did I get wrong?
> >
> > This is most odd.  During kde startup I was told that access was denied
> > to my samba home.  On starting kontact I got an access denied, as well. 
> > In konqueror I saw my borg home directory listed.  When I went back to it
> > a moment later not only was it not listed, but the mount point had
> > disappeared.
> >
> > Totally weird.
> Still more weird - I now have an icon for the networked folder.  Clicking
> on it opens a window labelled 'media:/anne' but anne doesn't show in the
> navigator panel list, either under mnt or media.  Opening Calendar in
> kontact still tells me that access is denied, yet my remote calendar is
> displayed.
> Anne

Hi Anne,

The accessing a samba share via the media:/ location does not actually mount 
it on your machine. It uses the samba kio module to access the share.

Your problem sounds like a permission one. Indeed I forgot to tell you that 
you'd have to instruct mount to do the mounting so that your ordinary user 
can have full access to the share.

As John pointed out, you have to modify the fstab entry, adding the options 
like this:

//borg/anne	/mnt/Samba-Home 	smbfs	
username=myname,password=mypass,uid=USER,gid=GROUP 0 0

(Again, the above is a single line.)

Substitute USER and GROUP with your username and primary group on the client 
machine. I don't think you'll need to specify any more advanced options, but 
feel free to take a look at those. You can find those in the smbmount's man 

Just a note: I see you are trying to mount the share in /mnt. Did you set your 
home directory as this in /etc/passwd? You could as well mount it directly 
in /home/anne.

Best regards!

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