[kde-linux] Anyway to have KDE hide mouse pointer when keyboard in use?

dick dwannama at kos.net
Thu Jul 26 22:43:45 UTC 2007

James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> On Thursday 26 July 2007, James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at acm.org> wrote 
>> about 'Re: [kde-linux] Anyway to have KDE hide mouse pointer when keyboard 
>> in	use?':
>>> david wrote:
>>>> I once used a Mac on which the mouse pointer politely disappeared
>>>> while you were using the keyboard. Can I get the same functionality in
>>>> KDE?
>>> This sounds like an interesting idea.  However, I think that it would be
>>> X11 that would have to do this since it controls the mouse and keyboard
>>> when you are running in graphics mode.
>> Well, konsole is smart enough to hide mouse cursors that are over it while 
>> you are typing into it.  (So, what the OP wants is most likely possible.) 
>> However, if you move keyboard focus off the main widget (e.g. into the 
>> toolbar) the mouse pointer comes back.
> Konsole is an Xterm clone and it emulates text mode.  Note that it has a 
> text mode mouse pointer which and only be used for limited purposes.
> The question here is whether KWin can do what you want which is to 
> change the mouse pointer to a transparent blank when it hasn't been used 
> for a certain length of time.
In Debian, at least, there is a package called unclutter that does this.
I don't believe it's part of KDE though.


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