[kde-linux] kde and wireless

Charlie Bradley cfbradleyiii at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 22:54:17 UTC 2007

This may not be the right list but I have tried the kubuntu forums and I can't 
get any help with this problem.  After using gnome for the first time in 
years I belive this to be a KDE problem.  So here it goes.

I am having big problems with wireless connections in KDE.  I just got a 
laptop from Linuxcertified with preinstalled Ubuntu.  I then installed 
kubuntu on another partition which shares the /home.  When I boot into 
Ubuntu(gnome) the wireles connects right off the bat!  Kubuntu did the same 
until I upgraded the system and ran automatix2. So then I installed 
kwifimanager and that worked couple of times.  Now when I use kwifi to 
coonect to the network I still have diddle with the network settings because 
it doesn't grab the IP address!  This is really frustrating.

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