[kde-linux] cannot unlock screensaver

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Wed Jan 17 19:43:49 UTC 2007

Mark Ness wrote:

> Kevin Kempter wrote:

>> I've recently installed FC5, ran the initial yum update and then
>> installed the kde.repo to get the latest kde.

>> I can login fine however once the screen saver starts, (I have it set to
>> require passwd after 60 sec) then my password is not recognized to
>> unlock. My only option is to start a new session and reboot.

You are now user 2 to report this problem.  Question: did you upgrade kde
while currently logged into kde?  (If so, I recommend not doing that).

Regardless, post the contents of /etc/pam.d/kscreensaver and output of
$ rpm -q kdelibs kdebase
please (or send to me privately).
> I am sorry to say I have no answer for you. Just a word of caution.
> I have had MANY problems in the past mixing kde repos with fedora
> installation of KDE. Every time I updated KDE through kde repos,
> something broke, and the next KDE update through Fedora always
> fixed it.


> I doubt there is a problem with kde-redhat repo, it just doesn't seem
> to be compatible with Fedora implementation of KDE.

None that I'm aware of.

I would be much more constructive and helpful for everyone involved to
report the problems, so we can have a chance to fix it.

-- Rex

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