[kde-linux] cannot unlock screensaver

Mark Ness mark at noneinc.us
Wed Jan 17 18:42:24 UTC 2007

Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi List;
> I've recently installed FC5, ran the initial yum update and then installed the 
> kde.repo to get the latest kde.
> I can login fine however once the screen saver starts, (I have it set to 
> require passwd after 60 sec) then my password is not recognized to unlock. My 
> only option is to start a new session and reboot.
> Thanks in advance for any help/advice...
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I am sorry to say I have no answer for you. Just a word of caution.
I have had MANY problems in the past mixing kde repos with fedora
installation of KDE. Every time I updated KDE through kde repos,
something broke, and the next KDE update through Fedora always
fixed it.

I doubt there is a problem with kde-redhat repo, it just doesn't seem
to be compatible with Fedora implementation of KDE.

You will get updates much sooner with KDE, and if you choose to stick
with KDE repo, my advice is to not implement and Fedora KDE updates
in the future. OR, yum groupremove "KDE (K Desktop Environment)",
then disable Fedora repos and yum install kde* with KDE repo only
enabled (I don't believe kde-redhat recognizes groupinstall but you can
try nit. If not, it does recognize the wildcard).

Now my problems may not be the norm, so please wait for further advice
and a fix before taking my advice. I AM OFTEN WRONG. If any Fedora
users have any feedback (pro or con) I would appreciate it.

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